Anne Jensen (1941-2008): Requiescat in pace

It is with regret that I mention that on August 13, 2008, Prof. Anne Jensen died.  She was Professor of Eastern Orthodoxy and Patrology at the Institut für Ökumenische Theologie at Karl-Franzens-Universität,  Graz, Germany.  She was a feminist scholar who wrote a commentary on the Acts of Paul and Thecla, entitled:  Thekla – Die Apostolin: Ein apokrypher Text neu entdeckt (Freiburg:  Herder, 1995) (review to follow).  Also relevant is her Habilitation entitled, Gottes selbstbewusste Toechter:  Frauenemanzipation im fruehen Christentum (Freiburg:  Herder, 1992; also in English).  Prof. Jensen is eulogized by one of her collegues here .  I was personally acquainted with her for she came to speak at Neuchatel during the Spring of 1992 during the one and only seminar that Prof. Willy Rordorf held on the Acts of Paul for his undergraduate students.


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