Thekla – Die Apostolin

Review of Anne Jensen, Thekla – Die Apostolin: Ein apokrypher Text neu entdeckt (pdf)

I wrote this review before the book actually appeared in print in 1995, based on a MS that Prof. Jensen had kindly provided to Prof. Willy Rordorf (and he passed on to me his doctoral student).  She had a low view of the removal of Thecla from the role of Western martyrs (p. 7).  I once spoke with Father Justin, a Romanian monk, about why Thecla had been removed from the list of martyrs.  His response was that the Western church has been removing the Eastern saints for some time now.

NOTE:  My friends at the City of God showed how far superior the blogging at would be compared trying to do it on my own website without proper software; I am therefore going to repeat some posts relating to the Acts of Paul which I had posted in Recension.  They don’t seem to be getting the attention they deserve there.


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  1. […] monograph of Esch-Wermeling worth reading.  I wonder to what degree it would be an elaboration of Anne Jensen’s view that the Antichean episode is the more historical unit. If ecclesiology were the basis […]

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