Online Greek Texts of the Acts of Paul

Acta Pauli online Greek text (no apparatus) in unicode.  I was confused about this website because for some reason, the unicode Greek fonts did not appear correctly in Firefox.  This problem was solved by viewing the page in MS Internet explorer 7.

The texts include the Hamburg Papyrus, Acts of Paul and Thecla (Lipsius), the Martyrdom of Paul (Libsius) and 3 Corinthians (Papyrus Bodmer X).

The main website ( contains other biblical studies and Patristic texts in Hebrew and Greek.


10 Responses to Online Greek Texts of the Acts of Paul

  1. S Walch says:

    Hi – would someone be able to confirm that the reading on fragment II line 6 of [ε]κ[ε]κλιστο is correct on ? If it is, could someone tell me what word it’s supposed to be, as it’s the only one on there that I just can’t seem to figure out.


  2. Petros says:

    [ε]κ[ε]κλιστο = εκεκλειστο (see Schimdt-Schubert, p. 26). It is a case of itacism. BDAG, s.v. κλείω 1a: “Shut (someone) in [Παῦλος ἐ]κ[έ]κλιστο AcPl Ha 2, 6; [οἱ κ]εκλισμένοι 3, 19.”

    Why are you reading the Acta Pauli?

    • S Walch says:

      Ah, thanks for that Petros.

      In the past few months I’ve become very interested in the Apocryphal literature of the early Christians, and basically just wanted to check out the Greek text myself.

      Unfortunately I don’t have the Schmidt-Schubert Πραξεις Παυλου. I’m guessing I probably should :)

  3. Petros says:

    The online greek text offers only the transcription of the text, and not the notes and apparatus. It depends on how deep you want to go into the study of the texts. Schmidt-Schubert is only available at better libraries. Do you have access to one?

    • S Walch says:

      I live in Manchester, UK, and I really don’t know exactly what you’d class as “better libraries”. I take it that the πραξεις Παυλου hasn’t been reprinted?

      • Petros says:

        Perhaps so, but I don’t think it is available new. Better libraries have holdings from German publishers. That usually means the better university libraries in the West. There is apparently one here at Robarts Library, University of Toronto. Perhaps U. Manchester has one.

  4. S Walch says:

    Aha – it appears that the John Rylands Library in Manchester certainly has at least one copy –

    Would it be worth me purchasing this too? –

  5. Petros says:

    You might consider Schneemelcher. If your French is good, the best modern translation Ecrits apocryphes chretiens (2 vols.), Bovon, Geoltrain, and is bar none, the best edition of the Christian apocryphal literature today.

    • S Walch says:

      Unfortunately, my French is pretty much non-existent. Bar merci, bonjour, oui and encore, I’m out of luck when it comes to reading something in French.

      I shall buy Schneemelcher for now. If that isn’t adequate, I’ll get along to the JRL for the CS-WS :)

    • Petros says:

      Ok, just remember that Schneemelcher presents translations and no original texts. Most people start there with regard to introductions to the texts as well, but that is because their French is week. For the academic study of Apocryphal literature, French is necessary because of the work of AELAC.

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