The second-century Acts of Paul is a Christian document from the second century.   Acta Pauli is an academic and international conversation and debate on any subject touching the history, interpretation, theology, and Wirkungsgeschichte (e.g., iconography, cult of Thecla, etc.) of the Acts of Paul.   Contributions and comments are welcome in English, German, and French.


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  1. Dan Batovici says:

    This is just to say we added you to our blogroll.

    Best, Dan

  2. Hello,
    Dating these texts reliably is essential to understanding them, so reading your dissertation on this is somewhat disappointing, as neither you nor any any scholar you reference seems able to do this.
    Has anyone ever treated these texts as artifacts? Have they been radiocarbon dated? If so, I would appreciate knowing what was learned.
    I don’t accept the references you use, as they don’t have historicity – that is, they left no ‘footprint’ in the archaeological record.
    Thank you for your consideration and
    Best regards,
    John Bartram

    • Petros says:

      Scholars typically use paleography as the means of dating papyri which are not otherwise datable based on internal indications. The dating system that we know today did not exist in antiquity. The methods used to date ancient texts is long established in scholarship and I wonder if carbon dating, which assumes what cannot be proved, is the only means of dating texts.

      • No reliable dating, then; thank you. It is, of course, a scandal that no canonical texts and few apocryphal have been dated reliably; that scholarship relies on pseudo-science does not speak well for it.
        Next question: translations of the Acta Pauli tend to use “Jesus Christ”: how is this spelled in the original?

  3. colegrove says:

    Question – most sources list 3 Corinthians as being part of the Acts of Paul. My question is, could this “epistle” have been written separately and just incorporated into 3 Corinthians? Or is it more likely that it was written as a part of the complete book Acts with 3 Cor. as more of a chapter or integral part?

    • Andrew says:

      It is likely that 3 Cor was written before Acta Pauli, because the Papyrus Bodmer omits the intervening narrative between the two epistles. However, it was probably incorporated into the first edition of the Acts of Paul (at least, P.W. Dunn would argue this, along with others). There are some scholars who think it was incorporated into later redactions of the AP, but not the Presbyter’s document.

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